HP LaserJet Billboard

Scan0014This is one of my favorite designs, it’s simple and powerful. I worked with HP to setup this billboard that was displayed on highway 264.


W.I.T.S. Tradeshow Wall

This trade show display was designed for World Instructor Training Schools. They use this display when attending fitness conferences and colleges all across the U.S.

LPGA Golf Tournament Signage

We recently sponsored an LPGA Golf Tournament Event at Kingsmill Golf Course in Williamsburg, Virginia. As part on the sponsorship we donated 25 copiers, 50 phone systems and 35 laptops. In return we got seating for 30 customers at the event, a few spots to play in the pro-am and advertisement opps. Below is an ad for digital signage next to the grandstands.

W.I.T.S. Bike Week Campaign & Fitness Expo

A month ago I helped World Instructor Training Schools design a color theme for tricycles, t-shirts and marketing collateral for Bike Week in conjunction with a fitness expo they were sponsoring in San Diego, CA. We came up with a very colorful and vibrant design so that customers would remember the brand when attending both events.