Whitepaper for RV Dealerships



ESI Corporate Brochure

Scan0039This brochure was created as a cross selling tool for our Sales Divisions: Information Technology, Digital Copiers & Printers, Service & Supplies and Mailing Systems. It was used in customer proposals, bid responses and as an internal tool to educate new employees.


ESI Open House Event Invite

Scan0023This invite was used to market the Annual ESI Open House Event in our Virginia Beach location. At the time we had just moved into 3 new buildings and I wanted to include them in the design concept for the show. The event had great results, we had a record 330 customers show up.

ESI President’s Club Postcard

Scan0019This card was 1 in a series of 12 used to market ESI’s President’s Club trip. We mailed postcards to each Sales Reps home as a reminder and to peak the interest of their significant other. All Reps exceeding their annual quota were treated to an all expenses paid vacation to Cost Rica with their spouse.

Leadership Hampton Roads Ballet Invite

Scan0001 Showing my support for the Leadership Hampton Roads, I volunteered to design an invite for an upcoming ballet event. I had a lot of fun with this project — the grace, balance and beauty of the ballet really inspired me in the design concept.  The graphics, colors and fonts really seemed to come to life, I get lost in the design every time I look that this piece.